CIDETEC Energy Storage

CIDETEC Energy Storage is a research institute specialized in advanced battery technologies. With a vocation of delivering added value for our customers through new battery technologies, products and processes, the team of CIDETEC Energy Storage gathers more than 50 highly skilled multidisciplinary researchers. Our specialization covers the whole value chain from powder to power, that is from materials to battery packs.

The technological offer of CIDETEC Energy Storage is structured in five areas, namely:

1. New materials and storage technologies
2. Scale up and manufacturing
3. Systems engineering
4. Modeling & Simulation
5. Advanced Battery Testing

With this background we make progress in advanced lithium ion and post-lithium technologies; we are manufacturing commercial grade Lithium ion cells up to 40Ah in our Battery Manufacturing Pilot Plant and on the other side, we are assembling large battery packs for heavy-duty transportation applications.

We are currently working with several top-notch National and European companies, either performing validation studies for battery materials or giving answers to their product development strategies. We have a well established track of participation in EU funded FP7 and H2020 projects, some of them as a Coordinator.

Headquarters: San Sebastián, Spain
Industry: Research