dSPACE develops and distributes tools for the development of electronic control units (ECUs) and mechatronic systems worldwide. dSPACE was one of the companies that created this market segment some 20 years ago, and continues to shape it to this day. dSPACE systems enable the user to reduce development times and costs dramatically when designing ECUs and controllers, which systematically increases his productivity. The reason is the optimal mix of standard solutions for rapid control prototyping, automatic production code generation, hardware-in-the-loop simulation, and data management.

Whether working on electronically controlled diesel injection, fuel cell vehicles or hybrid electrical car – virtually all international car makers and many of their suppliers rely on dSPACE hardware and software in their current development projects. And dSPACE products are used not only in the automotive industry, but also in aerospace, drives technology, medical technology, industrial automation, and other fields. dSPACE has more than 1,200 employees worldwide at its headquarters in Paderborn, in the Project Centers at Munich and Stuttgart, and also in the subsidiaries in France, the UK, Japan, the USA and now in China. In addition, numerous distributors provide customer support in other countries.

Headquarters: Paderborn, Germany
Industry: Private for-profit entities
Website: www.dspace.com